Jason Pittock

Does Jasmine Tea Have Caffeine?

Tea is a great drink. Take this not from the tea aficionados we are here at Sin Columna, but... from the whole wide world. Not only has this drink been around for literally thousands of years, but it has managed to be incredibly popular too. Statisics show that over 159 million Americans drink tea every […]
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Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine?

Tea is a healthy drink consumed by millions in the US every day. Aside from green tea and black tea (clear contenders for the first place in the race for the most popular tea in the world, and at Sin Columna too), there are also other types of tea people love. Thai tea is among […]
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Does Chamomile Tea Have Caffeine?

Aside from green tea, black tea, and white tea, there are also a lot of herbal teas that are great for you. They taste amazing and they have a lot of health benefits too -- so you have all the reasons in the world to try them out. Among these types of herbal teas, you […]
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Wondering How Much Caffeine in Chai Tea?

Chai tea is delicious (everyone here at Sin Columna, our tea blog agrees!) However, those of you concerned about the caffeine content in chai tea might wonder "how much caffeine in chai tea -- and how can I make a low-caffeine cup for myself?". If you are looking for a healthy, low-caffeine version of chai […]
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How to Steep Tea

Just in case it wasn't obvious (from the fact that we've created a tea blog), we really like tea in all its shapes, forms, colors, and temperatures. We like a good cup of green tea as much as we like a cup of a special herbal mix. But if there's something we really like for […]
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Is Tea Acidic?

Tea is a very healthy drink -- and most people in the world can attest to this. Although it has been drunk for thousands of years (particularly green tea, in China, where it originated from), modern tea drinkers still have a lot of questions (which are very legit. For instance, some of you may ask […]
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Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine?

Chai tea is a very popular choice of tea. It's popular because it's delicious and flavorful, not to mention the fact that it provides extensive health benefits. The two most popular types of chai are black tea and green tea, both of which are quite healthy. Given their popularity and their health benefits, it is […]
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How to Make Dandelion Tea

Tea is an amazing drink -- take it from the biggest tea lovers here at Sin Columna (no, seriously, we created a tea blog for a reason: we really, really, really like tea). Along with the world's favorites, such as green tea and black tea, there are numerous other types of herbal tea you should […]
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