Jason Pittock

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Brewing loose-leaf tea is among some of the easiest things to do. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or you are new to loose leaf tea, you’ve just landed exactly where you need to be to learn how to brew loose leaf tea. As you’ll see, making it is actually simpler than you think. All […]
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Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine?

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is of Taiwanese origin and is extremely popular among young people. It’s made from tapioca balls which are known as pearls and mixed with tea and fruit juices and usually contains some type of sweetener. So, does boba tea have caffeine? The straight answer is, yes it does. […]
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Can You Reuse Tea Bags?

Do you ever feel guilty about tossing a tea bag into the trash can and wonder, can you reuse tea bags? If you love your tea, then you sure use a lot of tea bags on a daily basis and this definitely amount to a lot of tea bags. If you are environmentally conscious, then […]
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Are Tea Bags Compostable?

Those little tea bags swirling around in the compost bin seem like they'd be easy enough to biodegrade, right? But what happens to them when people toss them in the compost pile? Are tea bags compostable, or do they take up space in landfills for years to come? Read on to find out! What Is […]
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Does Tea Stain Your Teeth?

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it won’t stain your teeth. Take tea, for example. Some might think that just because tea comes from plants, it must be perfect. But in reality, does tea stain your teeth over time? Let's find out. What Causes Tea To Stain Teeth? When it comes to staining teeth, […]
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How Much Caffeine in English Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea is a type of black tea that originated in England. That’s hardly breaking news. It is a blend of black teas, such as Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun. You brew the tea with boiling water and drink it with milk and sugar. Keen to know how much caffeine in English Breakfast Tea? Let’s […]
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Can You Drink Tea While Fasting?

Tea is the most popular drink in the world, after water. People all over the world enjoy it for a bunch of reasons, including its flavor and all its wonderful health benefits. But can you drink tea while fasting? And if so, what kind is best? Read on to find out! Is It Allowed? Can […]
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How to Make Southern Sweet Tea

Southern sweet tea is a staple of the South. It’s sweet, refreshing, and makes an enticing entry onto your palate with a hint of citrus. You’ll want to learn how to make southern sweet tea because, well, at the risk of exaggeration, it really does feel like drinking liquid sunshine. Southern sweet tea has been […]
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