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Does Arizona Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Arizona Green Tea is one of the most popular beverages -- and not only in Arizona, but very much around the world too. With so many people enjoying Arizona Green Tea on a regular basis, it's easy to understand why more and more people ask themselves: "does Arizona Green Tea have caffeine?" So... does it? […]
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Does Sweet Tea Have Caffeine?

Sweet tea is, without a trace of doubt, one of the most delicious drinks you can have (especially on a hot summer day). Does sweet tea have caffeine, though -- and is it bad for your health? Our tea blog has scoured the internet for answers. Read on if you want to find out more. […]
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Does Tea Go Bad?

Tea is a drink that is enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and can be enjoyed hot or cold. There are different types of tea, such as black, green, and white tea, as well as herbal teas. Tea is a healthy drink and has many benefits […]
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Does Tea Have More Caffeine than Coffee?

Tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are, by far, among the world's most popular hot beverages. Although they are all delicious (don't you think we don't love a good cup of coffee at Sin Columna), they are all very different in terms of the effects they have on your body and mind. For example, some may […]
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What Is Taro Milk Tea?

Oh, tea! We love it so much here at Sin Columna that we're more than willing to try every type of tea at least once. For example, for a long while, we wondered "what is taro tea" (as the drink was getting increasingly popular). Now we know. Want to learn more about taro milk tea? […]
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What Is the Deal with Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea has grown a lot in popularity over the last years. In fact, it might just be the only soft drink in the world that has gone... viral. How did this happen and what is the deal with Twisted Tea? Our tea detectives have done their work and they're coming back with answers for […]
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Does Earl Grey Tea Have Caffeine?

Every day,  millions of people drink tea. Some drink it because they enjoy the flavor, while others drink it for the health benefits. Earl Grey tea is a type of black tea that has a unique flavor, so it's popular not only in the UK (with which it is most associated) but everywhere else in […]
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Does Tea Have Calories?

Tea is frequently touted as one of the healthiest drinks you can have. And it is (if you're here trying to uncover conspiracy theories around tea, sorry, our tea blog is not the place). One of the questions you may have, however, is "does tea have calories?" We get you. We too like to know […]
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How Much Loose Leaf Tea per Cup?

If you like tea, you have definitely tried making tea with loose leaves (as opposed to tea bags or tea pyramids, for example). The advantage of loose tea is that you can customize the flavor to your liking by adjusting the amount of leaves you use. But how much loose tea per cup should you […]
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Is Tea Hydrating?

Every day,  we drink different beverages like coffee, tea, water, and juice. Out of all these drinks, which one is the most hydrating? And, more specifically, is tea hydrating? We clearly love tea at Sin Columna (we are, after all, a tea blog). However, we have to give you an honest answer when it comes […]
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