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What Does Oolong Tea Taste Like?

Black tea, green tea, rooibos, herbal, oolong -- so many teas, such little time! Here at Sin Columna we're very, very passionate about tea. We've tried many, and there are many yet to try -- but we absolutely understand if you might want to know how a particular type of tea tastes before you try […]
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What Does Spilling the Tea Mean?

The English language is extremely rich -- far richer than many of its speakers even realize (and that includes native speakers too). In addition to words and expressions that have literal meanings, English also has a plethora of idiomatic expressions. These expressions do not necessarily have a straightforward translation, and they usually require a bit […]
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What Does Steep the Tea Mean?

Tea is one of the single most amazing things mankind has ever discovered (or invented?). And we're not just saying this because we're, you know, tea fans. Statistics say it. The next most popular drink in the world next to water is none other than Sin Columna's best friend: tea. And that might also be […]
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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

The world is in love with tea. Statistically, tea is the most popular drink in the world, second only to water. Many people enjoy tea for its flavor, others for its health benefits. And others, like us at Sin Columna, enjoy tea for everything it represents: from the taste to the ritual and to the […]
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Can You Drink Green Tea While Pregnant?

Millions upon millions of cups of tea are drunk all over the world, each year.  Out of all these cups, a significant portion will be green tea. So, it's no surprise that people often wonder "can you drink green tea while pregnant?". The tea specialists (and aficionados) at Sin Columna have the answer you're looking […]
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Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine

You have all the reasons in the world to drink herbal teas: they are healthy, delicious, and widely available in a million-and-one combinations and blends. Does herbal tea contain caffeine, though? The tea specialists at Sin Columna have the answer. Read on if you want to find out more. Understanding the Different Types of Tea […]
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Does Iced Tea Have Caffeine?

Imagine a hot summer day -- you know it, the kind where the grounds seem to melt under the power of the sun. What could be better for a bit of well-deserved cooling off, other than a large glass of iced tea? You'd surely love it -- but if you're conscious of health, you might […]
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Does Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Although it might sound strange to some people in some parts of the world, milk tea is very popular.  The drink is made by mixing black tea with milk and sugar to taste. Milk tea is believed to have originated in Taiwan, and it has become popular all over East Asia. Milk tea can be […]
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Does Chai Tea Latte Have Caffeine?

Tea is undoubtedly one of the healthiest things you can bring into your life. Not only is it healthy, but it is also delicious and it helps with mental health, so you literally have all the reasons in the world to drink more tea. Chai tea is most definitely among the best types of tea […]
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What Has More Caffeine Tea or Coffee?

Coffee and tea seem to be at war with each other (not necessarily to us at Sin Columna, but it seems that tea lovers and coffee lovers are in a perpetual discussion over who rules the world of hot drinks). What has more caffeine tea or coffee, though? And which one provides better health benefits? […]
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